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Skin Analyzer

Your best partner for scientific skin consulting

1. What is Skin Analyzer

It is professional skin analysis and treatment software that enables you to provide well-organized and scientific consulting out of one-dimensional consulting in beauty shops. You can widely use it from shop and customer management to detail skin analysis. Skin Analyzer is available for Korean, English, Italian, Netherland, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, French and Finland.

2. Features:

Skin Analysis and Measuring Function

  • Analyze dry, oily, normal and combination skin type.
  • Analyze the skin curvature with showing 30 analysis images.
  • Analyze keratin through precise edge dissection algorithm.
  • Analyze the exact size of pore and pigmentation.
  • Advise the cause of skin condition and solution through skin diagnosis wizard.

Customer Management Function

  • Effectively manage the customer information and save skin analysis result continuously.
  • Able to compare customers analysis image.
  • Customer oriented interface in consideration of users convenience.
  • Show the detail analysis result and recommend the proper cosmetic according to the analysis result.
  • Able to easily induce the special treatment course or cosmetic after showing detailed analysis result of customer’s skin.

3. Process of Skin Analysis

Automatic skin analysis through the moisture, sebum, skin curvature, keratin, pigmentation and pone size check.

The Skin Analyzer uses filtered UV lights along with a magnified mirror to view abnormalities up to the dermas. When the system emits light to the skin, the skin cells respond to it differently depending on their chemical makeup. The reflected light is captured and analyzed by the Skin Analyzer software, and the images show the skin’s current condition. Sun damage is seen as freckles or dark spots known as solar tentigines. Severe skin damage is displayed as sagging, wrinkled skin. Oily skin appears purple, while dry skin is seen as white, flaky patches. Clogged pores are orange dots that usually appear on the nose and cheeks.

The Skin Analyzer scan is used for skin detection to accurately assess skin age and condition as well as evaluate future skin development. They help to target problem areas and determine proper treatment to help improve skin.

Disclaimer Notice – *Results vary from Client to Client*

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